domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Dialogs Level V

Dialog of Unit 2 Caught in the rush.
A: Excuse me. Do you know where the nearest Chinese restaurant is?
M: Yes, of course there is one across the street in front of URBE.
A: Oh thank you I am new in the city and I didn’t know where I could eat.
M: The Chinese food is delicious, but I recommend you the Japanese food, there is a nice Japanese food restaurant in Lago Mall.
A: I haven’t eaten Japanese food yet, and I don’t want to do it alone, but if you want to go with me maybe I could do it.
M: Well, it sounds great; by the way my name is Miguel.
A: Nice to meet you, my name is Andrea.
M: Nice to meet you too.
A: So how can we go to Lago Mall? I think we could take a taxi.
M: No they are very expensive. I always take a carrito to go there. They are cheaper than taxis.
A: Yes, but they are narrow and I really hate “Vallenato”.
M: Yes you right, but there is a terrible public transportation problem in our city and carritos are our best transportation option.
A: Ok, but the government should find solutions to this problem, like give new car to the drivers.
M: Yes but I think that is very difficult. Let’s go our carrito is coming!

Dialog of Unit 5 Going Places.

M: Hi Andrea, how are you?
A: Very well thank you. I’m so happy with the vacations, what are you going to do on vacations?
M: Well my family and I are going to go to some beach in Falcon. And enjoy the sand, the sunshine, and the sea of course.
A: Oh it sounds good, but you must be careful, don´t swim far from the seashore, the sea can be very dangerous. And you should get some protection of the sun; you must to take care of your skin.
M: Oh thank you, don’t worry I know it, I’m going to be careful. What about you Andrea, do you have plans for these vacations?
A: Yes of course, I’m going to go to my uncle’s ranch. There my family and I going to ride horses, milk cows, enjoy the nature, there is wonderful.
M: Wow it is very cool. Remember you must be careful too, the horses are dangerous, don’t go too much fast, and you ought to go with someone that can help you.
A: Ok I’m going to be careful. Hey when I come back I will give you some goat’s milk, it is delicious.
M: um, ok I’ll try it, but it sounds nasty.
A: Oh you will love it.

Dialog of Unit 6 Sure. No problem!
M: Hello Andrea, how are you?
A: Fine thanks. I am here enjoying the music. How about you?
M: That’s great, but it is too loud, don’t you think it?
A: Excuse me I didn’t heard you, what did you say?
M: I said that the music is too loud!
A: Excuse I don’t heard you I’ll turn down the stereo. Yes that’s better, what did you said?
M: Well you had the stereo volume very high. Would you keep it down please, I am trying to study.
A: Oh I’m sorry; I’ll make sure to keep the volume down.
M: Ok I don’t want to bother you, but this is the evaluation week and I must to study.
A: Oh my good, you remember me that tomorrow I have an examination, I must to study too bye!

Dialog of Unit 8 Let’s celebrate!

M: Hi Andrea what do you and your family usually do on Carnival?
A: Well, my family and get together and make a delicious dinner. What do you do in Carnival Miguel?
M: Well, at the present I just take a lot of rest in my house during Carnival, but when I was a kid a usually dress up in masks and costume. My favorite carnival was when my cousins and I were the Power Rangers.
M: Yes I know what you say. When I was a girl my friends and I used to play with water guns, water globes, hoses, that was crazy.
A: Miguel what is your favorite holiday?
M: I think that my favorite holiday is Christmas. Christmas is a holiday when people remember and celebrate the Jesus birthday; families get together and enjoy delicious food. I is wonderful.
A: Yes, it is my favorite holiday too; I love mother’s hallacas and pan de Jamon, without them there isn’t Christmas for me.