miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011


Paraphernalia from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.


Scene 1:

Kate is alone in her horrible house and the roof shatters and she is surprised to see a boy (Charles).

Charles: Don’t worry, don’t be scared. I just don’t know what hapened my flying, machine looks well, but look at this (he shows her his special projector).

Kate: Wow it’s beautiful!

Charles: I like to fly. I used to fly in a hot air ballon, but it wasn’t enought for me and I decided to make my own flying machine.

Charles: It wasn’t easy, I fell down and crashed many times.

Kate: hahaha (and she looks at him fall in love).

Charles look at her and blushes.

Charles: You know, this flying machine was designed for two people. You can go with me and fly far away. Go with me come on.

Kate is scared.

Kate: No, I can’t left my house.

Charles takes the flying machine and prepares it for flying. Kate looks at Charles’s family picture and finds his goggles, and she decides to take it and go with Charles.

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