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Final Project: The Peter's Show Podcast

The Peter’s Show.


Miguel: This is the new episode of the Peter’s Show. Today we have two guests and four interesting topics for discussing.

Topic 1: Introductions

Miguel and Liz: Hi I am Miguel and I am Liz.
Miguel: This show is about four students at URBE that want to spend a nice time practicing their English.
Miguel: So let’s start with Fabiola, Good morning Fabiola (Fabiola is from Caracas).
Fabiola: Good morning Miguel.
Liz: And I’ll introduce William. He is from Maracaibo.
William: Hi good morning Liz.
Miguel: Well William, what are you studying at URBE?
William: I study Informatics Engineering here at URBE, Miguel.
Liz: Oh, do you really like Math?
William: Yes, I really like it.
Miguel: What about you Fabiola?
Fabiola: I study Industrial Engenieering.
Liz: Guys what are your opinions about English?
William: I liked the English since I was a kid. I really love it!
Fabiola: I like it, but it is not easy for me.
Miguel: Well my friends we are going to let you with some music to your ears.

Topic 2: Technology.

Liz: Well there is something that we can’t to forget in everything that we do in our lives, the using of technology.
Miguel: Yes, that’s true. Just think living only one we week without electricity for example.
Liz: Let’s ask to our guests. What are your opinions about this topic?
William: I think that technology is very important in our lives, because it brings us simplicity and facilities to do all more easily.
Miguel: Fabiola, what about you? What do you think of the new trend of using smartphones for connecting to internet?
Fabiola: I think they are very useful, but they are too expensive for be carrying on all the time.
Liz: Yes I can’t believe the poor security that we have in our country. Let’s forget it and relax with some music.

Topic 3: Movies.

Miguel: Let’s talk about movies. William, what is your favorite movie?
William: Mu favorite movie is fast and furious.
Liz: It’s cool, I like it too. Fabiola, what is your favorite movie?
Fabiola: It’s Finding Nemo, because it’s interesting and cute.
Miguel: What movie do you recommend us?
William: I recommend you Miguel: Inception, it’s really nice that movie.
Fabiola: I recommend Harry Potter’s last movie.
Liz: What are your favorite actors?
Fabiola: I like Tom Hanks.
William: I really love Megan Fox.
Miguel: Let’s listening some music.

Topic 4: Vacations.

Liz: Our final topic is about vacations. Where are you going to go on vacations? I like this topic is interesting and cool. I would like to visit my family, but I’m going to work. Fabiola, where are you going to go on vacations?
Fabiola: I’m going to go to Caracas, and visit my family.
Miguel: That sounds great. I can’t wait the vacation’s arriving for resting of this hard trimester. William, what are you going to do on vacations?
William: Miguel, I think that I’m going to go to Margarita and spend some time on the beach or buy some new things.
Miguel: Well, this is it! I was a pleasure to talk with you. See you in a next edition of the Peter’s show.
Liz: It’s a pleasure to spend time with with ypu. See you… Goog bye.
Fabiola: Good bye every one.
William: Bye.

The future is in our hands! Go green, Save the planet!

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Paraphernalia from Sabrina Cotugno on Vimeo.


Scene 1:

Kate is alone in her horrible house and the roof shatters and she is surprised to see a boy (Charles).

Charles: Don’t worry, don’t be scared. I just don’t know what hapened my flying, machine looks well, but look at this (he shows her his special projector).

Kate: Wow it’s beautiful!

Charles: I like to fly. I used to fly in a hot air ballon, but it wasn’t enought for me and I decided to make my own flying machine.

Charles: It wasn’t easy, I fell down and crashed many times.

Kate: hahaha (and she looks at him fall in love).

Charles look at her and blushes.

Charles: You know, this flying machine was designed for two people. You can go with me and fly far away. Go with me come on.

Kate is scared.

Kate: No, I can’t left my house.

Charles takes the flying machine and prepares it for flying. Kate looks at Charles’s family picture and finds his goggles, and she decides to take it and go with Charles.

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Never voluntarily go to the emergency room! ESL Podcast

Saturday, 9:35 p.m.

I arrive in the emergency room. I had been at a party earlier in the evening when I accidentally cut my finger. My finger wasn’t severed, but it did have a very deep cut and I thought I might need stitches. I check in at the admissions desk and I’m told to take a seat and wait.

Saturday, 10:40 p.m.

I’m still waiting to see a doctor. The waiting room is filled to capacity and I expect it to be a long night.

Saturday, 11:15 p.m.

Several ambulances pull up to the door and EMTs wheel in several people on stretchers. I hear that there had been a pileup on Freeway 215 and these were the victims. I can see a doctor performing triage and the most critical cases are taken into exam rooms and maybe directly into surgery.

Sunday, 1:25 p.m.

I decide to give up and go home. If I hadn’t bled to death by that time, I could probably wait until Monday to see my regular physician.

My evening in the emergency room wasn’t a total loss, though. I learned a valuable lesson: Never voluntarily go to the emergency room!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the 6th film of the Harry Potter's series and is one of my favorites.

A few moments before to face Lord Voldemort

A few moments before to face Lord Voldemort, scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

My film 10 Top!

These are my 10 favorites films of whole times, I hope you liked them too!

Forget about the price tag!

Price Tag is a song by British recording artist Jessie J, featuring American rapper B.o.B. This song is talks about forget the price of the things and just enjoy the simplicity of life to be happy, because like we know the money doesn't buy our happiness.


[Jessie J]
Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night.
When the tale comes first,
And the truth comes second,
Just stop, for a minute and

Why is everybody so serious!
Acting so damn mysterious
You got your shades on your eyes
And your heels so high
That you can't even have a good time.

Everybody look to their left (yeah)
Everybody look to their right (ha)
Can you feel that (yeah)
Well pay them with love tonight...

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag

Ain't about the (ha) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag.

[Jessie J - Verse 2]
We need to take it back in time,
When music made us all UNITE!
And it wasn't low blows and video Hoes,
Am I the only one gettin'... tired?

Why is everybody so obsessed?
Money can't buy us happiness
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feelin
All right.

Everybody look to their left (yeah)
Everybody look to their right (ha)
Can you feel that (yeah)
Well pay them with love tonight...

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag

Ain't about the (ha) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag.

Yeah yeah
Well, keep the price tag
And take the cash back
Just give me six streams and a half stack
And you can keep the cars
Leave me the garage
And all I
Yes all I need are keys and guitars
And guess what, in 30 seconds I'm leaving to Mars
Yes we leaving across these undefeatable odds
Its like this man, you can't put a price on the life
We do this for the love so we fight and sacrifice everynight
So we aint gon stumble and fall never
Waiting to see, a sign of defeat uh uh
So we gon keep everyone moving their feet
So bring back the beat and everybody sing
It's not about...

It's not about the money, money, money
We don't need your money, money, money
We just wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag

Ain't about the (ha) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling
Wanna make the world dance,
Forget about the Price Tag. (x2)

Yeah yeah
Forget about the price tag.

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My experience with Second Life!

Hi there this Lunatic Blaylock my second life avatar. He is not a dragon or a vampire, but I'm just a novice in this world. This communication tool looks very interesting and fun, I will try to meet people of another cultures and practice my english with them.

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Coconut or Peach, what kind of small talk style do you apply?

Coconnuts or peach, what kind small talk style do you applu

The Chernobyl disaster a horrible mistake of the technology!

The Chernobyl disaster (locally, Chornobyl Catastrophe) was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (officially Ukrainian SSR), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central Moscow's authorities. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima I nuclear accidents). The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles, crippling the Soviet economy.

The disaster began during a systems test on Saturday, 26 April 1986 at reactor number four of the Chernobyl plant, which is near the city of Prypiat and within a close proximity to the administrative border with Belarus and Dnieper river. There was a sudden power output surge, and when an emergency shutdown was attempted, a more extreme spike in power output occurred, which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of explosions. These events exposed the graphite moderator of the reactor to air, causing it to ignite. The resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive smoke fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area, including Pripyat. The plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union and Europe. From 1986 to 2000, 350,400 people were evacuated and resettled from the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia, and UkraineAccording to official post-Soviet data, about 60% of the fallout landed in Belarus.

The accident raised concerns about the safety of the Soviet nuclear power industry, as well as nuclear power in general, slowing its expansion for a number of years and forcing the Soviet government to become less secretive about its procedures.

Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been burdened with the continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs of the Chernobyl accident. A report of the International Atomic Energy Agency,examines the environmental consequences of the accident. Estimates of the number of deaths potentially resulting from the accident vary enormously: Thirty one deaths are directly attributed to the accident, all among the reactor staff and emergency workers. A UNSCEAR report places the total confirmed deaths from radiation at 64 as of 2008. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests it could reach 4,000. A 2006 report predicted 30,000 to 60,000 cancer deaths as a result of Chernobyl fallout. A Greenpeace report puts this figure at 200,000 or more. A Russian publication, Chernobyl, concludes that 985,000 excess deaths occurred between 1986 and 2004 as a result of radioactive contamination.

My opinion about bauty.

On these days too many people discuss about how much beauty is some women or handsome is a guy, and almost always they never make an accordance in a unique opinion. In fact I think that is true the popular expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, I mean when we look at someone to evaluate his or her characteristics and decide if is good looking or not, we compare that person with our ideal models of a perfect women or man. That own models depends of many factors, like the culture, the age, the sex and the proper experiences of each person.

In my own personal opinion a beautiful women must have long straight hair (the color doesn’t matter), white teeth, to many curves in her body and a good stature. In order of that my ideal and perfect women would be Angelina Jolie.

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My new Friend!

My new friend's name is Nellerlyn Olmedillo. She is 18 years old and is from Maracaibo originally, but at this she lives in San Francisco.

She studies Administration at URBE. Her favorite subjects are English and Administration I and II. This is her 5th trimester in the University.

She loves twitting, go to the movies, listening music and go out with her friends.

She doesn’t like Facebook too much.

After she graduated, she wants to find a better job and do a specialization to improve herself.

Her dream is have her own business and travel to London.

She really enjoys learning new languages and her desire is to improve her English level very much in this class.

Her blog's link is: